ITT for Fibre-Laser Profiling Machine

14th May 2019

Dyer Engineering Limited – Tender Notification : 14th May, 2019

Tender Title: Supply of 10KW Fibre Laser Machine supplied with Tower Handling Facility

Dyer Engineering is an innovative Group of fabrication and machining businesses with wide-ranging capabilities to manufacture your metal components and structures. We operate across a diverse range of markets, working with various metals, with the ability to process small parts which can be picked up by the handful, through to large-scale structures operating in harsh environments.

We are inviting quotations to supply a brand-new 3×1.5m, 10KW Fibre-Laser Profiling Machine with a tower loading system

Successful bidders will be able to demonstrate evidence of supplying similar equipment to the UK market and must have a UK presence or well-established partnership with UK based service engineers.

Full details of the requirements are provided in tender documentation which will be issued to interested parties wishing to tender.

Dyer Engineering will evaluate all correctly submitted and eligible tenders with a view to selecting the most economically advantageous and the following criteria will be used to evaluate the tender submissions: – Ability to meet the technical specification /Pricing / Payment Terms / Innovation / UK presence (machines & service team)

Should you wish to express an interest in tendering and receive a copy of the tender documentation then please email

Estimated timescales:

Contract Start Date: 07/06/2019

Expression of Interest Deadline: 28/05/2019

Tender Submission Deadline: 03/06/2019 12.00pm



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