Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Mechanical Components, Plant & Machinery

About JobShop

JobShop will solve your engineering problems by providing rapid maintenance, repair and overhaul services to your plant, machinery and facilities within tight lead-times in order to get your operations up and running as quickly as possible.

Our JobShop team will work quickly, either at your facility or remotely at our own, to diagnose the problem in order to identify the quickest, most effective solution to repair your broken plant or equipment. Repairs or re-manufacture will then be achieved by fabricating and machining components as quickly as possible to get your facility or equipment operational in the shortest possible lead-time.

Sectors & Services

JobShop operates across a range of Sectors with a wide range of local, national and international Customers.

The following Services are offered within the JobShop Division directly, however they can draw on support and capability from other Divisions within the Group where necessary.

O & G
Product Development
Process Industry
CAD / Design
Assembly & Fitting

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Pin-pointing Your Requirements

In JobShop, we have recognised that our Customer’s require Partners who can:

  • Expert Knowledge

    KNOWLEDGE - Offer guidance, knowledge and experience to support their facility or business operations.

  • Cost Effective

    COST EFFECTIVE - Offer the most cost-effective solutions versus your down-time costs.

  • Flexible Approach

    FLEXIBLE - Have an adaptable and flexible approach to fixing your problems.

  • Repair

    TECHNICAL - Bring significant expertise and experience in the repair of mechanical components and reduce costs through life-extension.

  • React Quickly

    REACTIVE - React quickly and sort your problems in a short as time-scale as possible.

Our Core Offer

JobShop’s core offer is to support your in-house manufacturing capabilities by offering on and off-site maintenance, repair and overhaul services of mechanical components.

We employ a range of strategies to deliver this offer:-

  • Flexibility

    We offer a rapid, emergency service either on-site or remotely.

  • Capability & Scale
    Capability & Scale

    The comprehensive range of our in-house facilities means we can offer an extensive range of repair services and comfortably cope with supporting your shut-downs and also offer backup for large scale plant enhancement projects.

  • Value

    Our extensive manufacturing capability allows us to salvage your existing plant and effectively extend service life, within agreed up front cost structures.

  • Technical

    Our extensive technical experience allows us to support you in problem solving and offer additional services such as CAD and Engineering Calculations.

  • Teamwork

    Our team of flexible, adaptable people, are focused on supporting your needs and getting your plant back on line within the shortest possible timescales

  • Safety

    At all times we take due care and consideration for safety requirements including the use of applicable permits to work for the areas or type of work to be completed.

All-Inclusive Maintenance

JobShop’s niche is supporting your in-house manufacturing and process operations, by offering on and off-site maintenance, repair and overhaul services of mechanical components.

Additionally we can also provide full-time support teams based at your facility.

Also, due to the wide range of services the Dyer Group offers, we can also offer support for your larger renewal and upgrade Projects to your plant and facilities infrastructure.