Bespoke Manufactured

Metal Components & Structures

About TechProjects

Our TechProjects team will take your bespoke, complex and high integrity metal components and structures, from designed concept to production reality.

The whole process of fabrication, welding, machining, painting and assembly, is all managed within our own facilities.

TechProject’s niche is the manufacture of challenging fabricated parts which then need machined to tight tolerances, usually bespoke, which have never been produced before.

We work with ferrous and non-ferrous materials, from light-weight up to 20 tonnes.

Sectors & Services

TechProjects operates across a range of Sectors with a wide range of local, national and international Customers.

The following Services are offered within the TechProjects Division directly, however they can draw on support and capability from other Divisions within the Group where necessary.

O & G
Product Development
CAD / Design
Assembly & Fitting

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Pin-pointing Your Requirements

In TechProjects, we have recognised that our Customers require Partners who can:

  • Making Parts

    CAPABILITY - Make their part because they can’t (or don’t want to do it themselves) as they don’t have the facilities or in-house capability.

  • High Quality Product

    QUALITY - Offer a high-quality product with a large degree of flexibility in the manufacturing process, to deal with issues that may arise (usually as the product has not been made before).

  • Processes

    PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Offer all of the processes in-house to to reduce lead-time and their Project/Supply Chain Management requirements.

  • Competitive Pricing (Cost Effective)

    COLLABORATION - Build collaborative relationships, where our expert knowledge and experience of manufacturing metal components can reduce costs and improve lead-times.

Our Core Offer

TechProject’s core offer is to deliver your products to your specification, in a time-scale in line with your overall Project needs. To navigate the problems and issues that inevitably arise when delivering Projects of this nature, we strive to be flexible and adaptable and to minimise additional costs or delays.

We employ a range of strategies to deliver this offer:-

  • Innovation

    We will offer improvements and alternative ways of doing the job based on our experience.

  • Execution

    We operate with openness and transparency when managing delays caused by either side, which affect the plan.

  • Quality

    We will always deliver the product to specification. Even if there are issues we will always rectify them.

  • Risk

    At the commencement of a Project we will profile potential risks to the delivery of the Project and establish mutually agreed controls.

  • Safety

    We implement Company-wide (and if required Project-specific) health and safety management systems.

  • Plan

    We will develop a Project plan, with key milestones at the onset of the Project, which is shared upfront to give our Customers clarity.

  • Progress

    We will conduct regular progress updates, with open communication around issues.

  • Documentation

    Supporting documentation will be provided at the same time as the product is delivered.

  • Capability

    Comprehensive in-house facilities mean we control the whole process ourselves. We are committed to investing in our facilities to keep at the forefront of our sector.

  • Review

    We seek and participate in a project wash-up meeting, planned in advance, with effective actions and lessons learned for future improvement.

Welding Control

We perform all of our welding activities in line with a 3rd party approved quality management system which meets ISO 3834, to address the following areas:

Welding Codes

We work with a wide range of international codes and standards applicable to welding work, which ensure the quality and efficiency of welds and welding operators meet industry standards.

Our QA & Responsible Welding Coordinators interpret and apply these codes to ensure compliance.

Customer Requirements

In many instances our Customers specify a welding standard as a requirement of their project.

We can adapt our processes and documentation to your specific needs.

Process Control

Welds rely on control of a number of key variables, such as tensile strength, ductility, gas and consumable type, arc current, voltage etc. all adding to the complexity of a compliant weld.

Our approach & wide experience in Welding Control & Inspection ensure our work is carefully monitored & controlled to produce a quality result.

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