Meet The Team

Our team contacts are detailed below and we look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE – We would like to respectfully point out that we only work with selected Recruitment Agencies and do not encourage any cold-calling.

DYER Engineering Team

Graeme Parkins
Graeme Parkins Commercial Director DYER Engineering

I try to keep a happy ship by steering it in the right direction and building a SmarterStrongerTogether culture

T/ +44 (0)1207288038 M/ +44 (0)7939539194
Richard Bradley
Richard Bradley Managing Director DYER Engineering

My job is to look after the cash and keep the business safe

T/ +44 (0)1207288036 M/ +44 (0)7889059852
Richard Larder
Richard Larder Head of Digital Innovation DYER Engineering

I have a tough job making everyone else’s job easier

T/ +44 (0)1207288050 M/ +44 (0)7850651712
Mick Martindale
Mick Martindale Engineering Manager DYER Engineering

Encouraging the team that loves a challenge

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Margaret Craddock
Margaret Craddock Key Account Manager DYER Engineering

I'm our clients "voice" aiming to make every aspect of your relationship with Dyer better

T/ +44 (0)1207288046 M/ +44 (0)7785924575
Lloyd Anderson
Lloyd Anderson Supervisor DYER Engineering

In my experience there's two ways to get things done, the wrong way and the Aussie way

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Rachel Hicks
Rachel Hicks Finance Assistant DYER Engineering

I count the beans, claw in the cash and pay the team

T/ +44 (0)1207288028

BatchLine Team

James Parkins
James Parkins Production Planner BatchLine

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry - especially when the schedule is pulled forward

T/ +44 (0)1207288042
Mariya Welsh
Mariya Welsh NPI Engineering Manager BatchLine

I'm a product of new engineering

T/ +44 (0)1207288035
Ryan Malone
Ryan Malone Quality Engineer BatchLine

I wouldn’t have a Job if everything was right

T/ +44 (0)1207288022
Andy Sheini
Andy Sheini Production Engineer BatchLine

My job is to make production easier

T/ +44 (0)1207288024
Ryan Archer
Ryan Archer Group Planning Manager BatchLine

I try to come up with clever ideas to make things better

T/ +44 (0)1207288985

TechProjects Team

Glen Harrison
Glen Harrison Production Manager TechProjects

I plan the work flow and ensure our deliveries, with quality in the front of my mind

T/ +44 (0)1207288985
Angela McVittie
Angela McVittie Office Team Leader TechProjects

Chief organiser, Mum and bottle washer for the TechProjects Team.

T/ +44 (0)1207288982
Abbie Collinson
Abbie Collinson Administrative Assistant TechProjects

I support the TechProjects team, which includes baking a cracking cheesecake for my work family

T/ +44 (0)1207288979

JobShop Team

Susan Pennington
Susan Pennington Workshop Administrator JobShop

I'm the job shop office bandage - giving support where most needed.

T/ +44 (0)1207288027
Barry Kay
Barry Kay Supervisor JobShop

My job is to provide onsite cost effective solutions, safely managed

T/ +44 (0)1661831892 M/ +44(0) 7711682877
Nicky Brady
Nicky Brady Supervisor JobShop

My job is to provide bespoke mods and repairs to mobile equipment.

M/ +44 (0)7801783502