Meet The Team

Our team contacts are detailed below and we look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE – We would like to respectfully point out that we only work with selected Recruitment Agencies and do not encourage any cold-calling.

DYER Engineering Team

Graeme Parkins
Graeme Parkins Managing Director DYER Engineering

I try to keep a happy ship by steering it in the right direction and building a SmarterStrongerTogether culture

T/ +44 (0)1207288038 M/ +44 (0)7939539194
Richard Bradley
Richard Bradley Finance Director DYER Engineering

My job is to look after the cash and keep the business safe

T/ +44 (0)1207288036 M/ +44 (0)7889059852
Lee Farms
Lee Farms Business Development Manager DYER Engineering

My job is to find opportunities to work with new Customers and maintain excellent relationships with our existing Customers, all within our SmarterStrongerTogether ethos.

T/ +44 (0) 1207 288047 M/ +44 (0) 7388 875804
Margaret Craddock
Margaret Craddock Key Account Manager DYER Engineering

I'm our clients "voice" aiming to make every aspect of your relationship with Dyer better

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Leigh Foulger
Leigh Foulger Operations Director DYER Engineering

I have a leadership role where I encourage innovation to develop a strong, forward looking team.

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Richard Larder
Richard Larder Head of Digital Innovation DYER Engineering

I have a tough job making everyone else’s job easier

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Rachel Hicks
Rachel Hicks Finance Assistant DYER Engineering

I count the beans, claw in the cash and pay the team

T/ +44 (0)1207288028
Neelam Singh
Neelam Singh Administrative Assistant DYER Engineering

I'm here to help everybody!

T/ +44 (0)1207288020

BatchLine Team

Mick Martindale
Mick Martindale Engineering Manager BatchLine

Encouraging the team that loves a challenge

T/ +44 (0)1207288978 M/ +44 (0)7889057827
Matthew Dyer
Matthew Dyer Supervisor BatchLine

I help create a safe, happy and efficient workplace

T/ +44 (0)1207234315
James Parkins
James Parkins Production Planner BatchLine

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry - especially when the schedule is pulled forward

T/ +44 (0)1207288042
Mariya Welsh
Mariya Welsh NPI Engineering Manager BatchLine

I'm a product of new engineering

T/ +44 (0)1207288035
Ryan Malone
Ryan Malone Quality Engineer BatchLine

I wouldn’t have a Job if everything was right

T/ +44 (0)1207288022
Andy Sheini
Andy Sheini Production Engineer BatchLine

My job is to make production easier

T/ +44 (0)1207288024
Ryan Archer
Ryan Archer Production Engineer BatchLine

I try to come up with clever ideas to make things better

T/ +44 (0)1207288985

TechProjects Team

Stuart Banks
Stuart Banks QSHE Manager TechProjects

I create a vision, and then motivate and inspire the team to achieve it.

T/ +44 (0)1207288976 M/ +44 (0)7889057321
Lloyd Anderson
Lloyd Anderson Supervisor TechProjects

In my experience there's two ways to get things done, the wrong way and the Aussie way

T/ +44 (0)1207288994 M/ +44 (0)7735743534
Glen Harrison
Glen Harrison Supervisor TechProjects

I plan the work flow and ensure our deliveries, with quality in the front of my mind

T/ +44 (0)1207288985
Angela McVittie
Angela McVittie Office Team Leader TechProjects

Chief organiser, Mum and bottle washer for the TechProjects Team.

T/ +44 (0)1207288982
Abbie Collinson
Abbie Collinson Administrative Assistant TechProjects

I support the TechProjects team, which includes baking a cracking cheesecake for my work family

T/ +44 (0)1207288979

JobShop Team

Stuart Huntley
Stuart Huntley Project Engineer JobShop

If you can imagine it I can design it

T/ +44 (0)1207288025
Susan Pennington
Susan Pennington Workshop Administrator JobShop

I'm the job shop office bandage - giving support where most needed.

T/ +44 (0)1207288027
Barry Kay
Barry Kay Supervisor JobShop

My job is to provide onsite cost effective solutions, safely managed

T/ +44 (0)1661831892 M/ +44(0) 7711682877
Nicky Brady
Nicky Brady Supervisor JobShop

My job is to provide bespoke mods and repairs to mobile equipment.

M/ +44 (0)7801783502